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SwimTopia Configuration

Per League Rules, there are two special meets that require additional configuration in SwimTopia (or other management programs).  The first is the Medal Meet, the second is the All Star Invitational.

You must also educate your swim families so there are no surprises. We use these settings to "only accept entry times since" the start of the previous season for the first 2-3 meets (for better seeding and faster meets), then we only use times AFTER the current seasons intrasquad for all remaining meets of the season. That way there are no surprises.

You may select whatever options you prefer for "Require an individual event entry for relay eligibility" and other settings.

Medal Meet -

A swimmer must participate in at least one AHSL sanctioned meet to be eligible for the medal meet. A swimmer must legally swim an individual event at least one time during an AHSL sanctioned meet to swim that individual event in the medal meet. The required intrasquad meet will not be considered a sanctioned League meet.

Enforcing this rule requires special settings in Swimtopia.

  • Step 1 - Go to the Entries Tab
  • Step 2 - Select Settings
  • Step 3 - Enable "Only accept entry times since" and put in a date AFTER your intrasquad meet.
  • Step 4 - Enable "Require valid entry times '(do not allow NT times)'
  • Step 5 - (optional if date selected after intrasquad) - Select "Require official entry times"

All Star Invitational -

  • Create new swim meet in Swimtopia using the "from file" option.  Please use the EV3/HVV file found on the All Star Invitational Meet page.
  • Follow all steps above for medal meet
  • IMPORTANT - The EV3/HVV file does not properly set Entry Requirements. Please set them per league rules (you will have to add an age override per picture below)
  • You may want to uncheck "Require an individual event entry for relay eligibility" (if you use this option for regular meets).
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