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Medals Role

Per League bylaws -

The Medals chairperson will order and distribute medals to clubs hosting medal meets.

Detailed Info -

There are buckets in the storage locker for the medals.  There are 5 sets of buckets for the 5 medal meets.

At the beginning of each season, the medals person shall -

  • Count existing inventory.
  • Calculate required medals to be ordered.
  • Place order by: Late April (as soon as everyone picked up ribbons for space in storage unit)
  • Jessica has been placing the orders.  Ribbons & Medals are ordered from https://www.aaaaward.com. They have the custom stamping all setup for our medals - specifically to fit labels on the back.  Contact name is. Donnie. Email is [email protected].
  • For delivery by: June 1
  • Fill buckets properly for pickup by medal meet hosting teams

At the end of the season, the medal person shall ensure that all medals are returned to the storage locker.

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Per Meet Medal Count

The following count shall be provided for each of the 5 medal meets.

Medal Individual Relay Total Required (with overage)
1st (blue) 58 88 146 170
2nd (red) 58 88 146 160
3rd (white) 58 88 146 160
4th (gold) 58 88 146 160
5th (green) 58 88 146 160
6th (maroon) 58 88 146 150
7th (light blue) 58 88 58 65
8th (purple) 58 88 58 65
See notes for tri meets
Personal Best (stripe) 400
Participant (black) 90

Notes -

  • Individual event medals for 1st - 8th (be sure to remind the ribbon teams)
  • Relay medals for 1st - 6th
  • Heat Ribbons will be provided with the ribbon order
  • Tri meets we did 1st - 12th, with 8th - 12th being purple
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