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Treasurer Role

Per League Bylaws -

The Treasurer shall care for and record all fees and assessments, purchase awards, maintain the League’s insurance policy, and provide a detailed accounting of all funds.

The following section of the bylaws also pertains to the treasurer


  1. All moneys received by the AHSL shall be given the League Treasurer, who shall deposit funds to the credit of the AHSL in the current local financial institution selected by the Board within 14 days of receipt. All disbursements shall be made by check or debit as authorized by the Board.
  2. All checks disbursed from the League’s account shall be signed by a designated check signer as established by the Board.
  3. Within 60 days of the end of each fiscal year the current outgoing Treasurer and the incoming Treasurer for the following season shall prepare a list of all transactions for the prior year. A form designated by the Board shall be presented at the November meeting each year with signatures of both the current and outgoing Treasurer certifying the accuracy of the League’s financial records.
  4. By October 1st, the outgoing Treasurer shall officially turn over all financial records, ledgers, blank checks, voided checks, and all other financial material for the League to the incoming Treasurer.
  5. The outgoing Treasurer shall pass signatory authority on the League’s bank account to the incoming Treasurer before the November League meeting of the current season.
  6. The fiscal year of the AHSL shall begin on the first day August and end on the last day of July.
  7. Upon dissolution of the AHSL and after all outstanding debts and claims have been satisfied, the current Board shall direct the remaining property of the AHSL to another nonprofit entity that maintains the same objectives as set forth herein.
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