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DQ Code Installation

To install the custom DQ codes file you received from the AHSL:

1. Open the folder C:\Hy-Sport\SwMM7 and locate the file named dqcodesCustom.txt. This file was installed with Meet Manager. You will rename this file and then install the file with the same name that you received from the AHSL. Do not use the file installed with Meet Manager or your codes will not be correct.

2. Right-click the dqcodesCustom.txt file to open the shortcut menu, and then click Rename.

3. Change the filename to dqcodesCustom.old and then press the Enter key.

4. Copy and paste the file named dqcodesCustom.txt that you may download from the this page.. This is the file that contains the custom DQ codes that match the AHSL DQ form. If you use the file with the same name that was installed with Meet Manager, or if you change the name of this file, your codes will NOT match.

After you create your meet database in Meet Manager, do the following to activate the custom DQ codes:

1. Click Set-up on the menu bar, and then click Meet Set-up.

2. In the "DQ Codes" section, click the Custom DQ Codes option button.

3. Click the OK button to save your changes.

4. Close and then restart Meet Manager.

To confirm that you are using the correct DQ codes after installing and activating them, do the following:

1. In Meet Manager, click Reports on the menu bar, point to (or click) Administrative, and then click DQ Codes List.

2. In the DQ Codes List dialog box, click Create Report.

3. Make sure your codes match the ones in the attached AHSL_Custom_DQ_2012.pdf file provided at the bottom of this page.  Note: The custom codes have codes as part of the infraction, for example "6a. Scissors Kick".

If your codes do not match, verify that you installed the dqcodesCustom.txt file provided by the AHSL in the correct directory, that the file has the name dqcodesCustom.txt, and that you selected the "Custom DQ Codes" option button in the Meet Set-up dialog box. If you are still having difficulties, try restarting Meet Manager. 

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